You Don’t Have To Be Afraid Of Large Space

How to design a large office so that employees can feel comfortable in it? How to use larger space effectively? The arrangement of large office may frighten investors and raise many questions, but, as Marta Janiszek, Interbiuro Design & Fitout, says, you don’t have to be afraid of this process.
Marta Janiszek, Head of Design Department at Interbiuro Design & Fitout
Marta Janiszek, Head of Design Department at Interbiuro Design & Fitout

Projects that involve large offices seem to be a great challenge for designers. Is it actually true?

Office interior design is always a challenge and arrangement of large space is often related to a greater number of guidelines that have to be met within one project. We may say that design of large office is very often easier than design of small office. It results from the fact that big companies frequently know their needs and they do have an experience in design of their head offices. Large office means plenty of opportunity to design various zones.

You’ve just said that large office space makes design of various zones easier to architects. We may therefore claim that larger space gives additional arrangement possibilities. Is it only a pretense? Or is it really true?

Indeed. Larger space gives additional possibilities. All you have to do is to know how to use them and you can’t be afraid to trust your architect. Clients should always remember that architect knows how to design space. While deciding on office interior design, it’s necessary to skillfully choose a studio that will carry out your commission. A good architect is the one who understands their client’s needs and who responds to them in an interesting way by creating an attractive space.

Such architect can be commissioned to perform a complex preparation of office space. What is crucial before commencement of fit out when it comes to large space?

Before commencement, it’s really important to receive detailed guidelines from client, adjust to their budget and devise a complete executive project. An executive project completed before proceeding to works is a perfect base for performance of large space. A well-prepared work schedule, checked accessibility to materials and delivery are also key points.

What is the role of size in fit out in design and build standard?

Office size has a minimal impact on execution period in design and build formula. A number of floors and design elements used on a given space as well as the complexity level of executive project are definitely of much greater importance.

What should be done in order to use the entire space of large office in most effective way? Is space plan helpful in this matter?

Research and analysis of customer needs are two very important aspects. We highly recommend to carry out them before lease of space so that company could choose the best office for them. The next stage is execution of such a space plan that responds to customer needs and requirements.


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