ECO Energy Supervisor is the way to savings!

Within four months we managed to save 52 thousand PLN!
Radosławem Majewskim
Radosławem Majewskim

What really is the Energy Supervisor system? 

It is a solution that allows us to staple all the elements that make up the energy efficiency. If we think about energy efficiency, we have an energy audit before our eyes, the work of thermal insulation, replacement or modernization of energy sources. Energy Supervisor is a system that allows us to take advantage of the work I mentioned, optimize it and get the right synergy. On the other hand, this program allows us to manage energy consumption. 
What will change with the introduction of the OZE (Renewable energy sources) act in the context of usage of this system? 
The aim of the legislator is to implement the demands of 3x20, which evidently are aimed at increasing the share of green energy, so energy that comes from renewable sources, in the energy balance of the entire country. Our system optimizes energy consumption and allows us to manage renewable energy sources, if the client has some. 
Therefore, the photovoltaic panels are essential? 
Maybe not essential. We consider OZE, renewable energy sources, as a whole group of technologies, both photovoltaic and wind sources, water sources, combustion technologies with biogas and biomass. In Energy Supervisor context we also think about the sources of high-efficiency cogeneration, those powered by natural gas.Energy Supervisor system therefore should not be associated with a particular technology as it applies to use every available energy technology. 
In one of the Gdansk office, this system is already running, and is beneficial ... 
Two factors had an impact on the decision to implement this system. Firstly, financial benefits are very important. Secondly, the use of the system also has an image character. This type of solution, as well as other new technologies are selling very good, when you are able to see it with your own eyes.In our new premises in Olivia Business Center we installed the Energy Supervisor system with the building automation components, as a result, our system is correlated with devices that allow you to manage electricity and heating according to the current weather conditions: sunshine, temperature, and the profile of the individual user. 
What effect has been achieved? 
Outstanding! Reduction of energy consumption that has been achieved was 12 percent. We did not do anything else other than, mentioned already, plugging the automation  into the Energy Supervisor system and implementing the integrated management. If we are talking about energy efficiency projects, where in addition to the installation of our power management system, we also have other issues that come to the exchange of energy and the modernization of the heating, the savings effect is significantly higher. However, the building in which we are situated is the most modern facility in the Tri-City, so part of the modernization works carried out almost normally in other projects, was already done. Our headquarters is built in energy efficient technologies, the only think that was missing, was a power management system. 
What kind of savings are we talking about? 
Within four months we managed to save 52 thousand PLN. This is real money that stay in our company. These measures also reflected in the reduction of CO2, which for our image is extremely important. It is worth noting at the same time, we're talking about savings of 3,000 sq m. Assuming that office buildings are 10 thousand square meters and more, you multiply the savings proportionally.

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