Becher Platinum adorns Kielce

A glass, stone and steel building designed by architects from Dobra Firma has been erected in the heart of the city.

The construction of Becher Platinum in the town centre of Kielce has been complete – first owner and tenant are now able to move into their offices. Becher, a company from Kielce, is responsible for the investment placed at the corner of Cicha Street and IX Wieków Kielc Ave. – as we read in "Echo Dnia”

This is the second object of this type that is being build by the developer from Kielce in this area. Dobra Forma designed this multi-functional building. Six commercial units are located on the ground floor of the office building and floors from I to IV are office and service paces. The studio has decided on the combined use of glass, granite and stainless steel.

In the near future the investor plans to complete erection works of a second, set side to side with Platinum, office building. Although the two office buildings differ in their architectural concept, they are going to be a part of a conceptual unity. Becher company plans in completing it erection in December this year.

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