ECO Quattro Business Park awarded with Green Certificate

The Cracow Quattro Business Park ‘A’ building has been awarded with the „very good” BREEAM In-Use certificate.

BREEAM In-Use, the sustainable building certificate for existing buildings has been awarded to the ‘A’ building of the Quattro Business Park. The „very good” mark has been obtained in the Asset Rating and Building Management categories. The building belongs to the Buma Group.

The A building audit has been held by the Grontmij Polska company. During evaluation the energy effectiveness of the building has been observed as well as the waste management procedure, reducing pollution, city transport availability and employee and guest facilities.

By the Asset Rating category the following implemented solutions are considered: energetic effectiveness, utilised materials, the water and sewage system – sewage system methods and usage effectiveness, waste management. The Cracow office building has gained the highest rating among these office buildings in Poland which have already gone through the certification process.

The Building Management category refers not only to the building management quality, but also to relations with tenants, to water and energy consumption and to waste treatment.

The Quattro Business Park complex consists of four 14-storey office buildings with the space of 800 sqm. All buildings were designed within the environment preservation standards. Energy-efficient, innovative solutions have been employed. Responsible designers have also considered, in accordance with guidelines, the user-friendly building complex surrounding.

The first ‘A’ building, offering 12,000 sqm of space, was put into service in September 2010. The 11,800 sqm surface of the 'B’ building was put into service in December 2011. The third 12,200 sqm building is presently during construction, to be completed in September 2013. Also the 12,800 sqm ‘D’ building is under construction.

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