Luxoft at Woodstock

Luxoft, IT services provider, will run a promotion campaign during Woodstock Festival.

Luxoft is an IT company, which has recently become quite popular because of its untypical promotion campaigns. Recently, it has been promoted by rock guitarists, and posters with IT specialists being compared to composers and music stars. The company's newst initiative is presentation during 19th Woodstock Festival in Kostrzyn nad Odrą, where Luxoft will invite to its tent, in which it will offer workshops and meetings with workers from modern technologies sector.


Luxoft employs in Poland nearly 340 workers, whereas worldwide – more than 6 000. During one of the biggest festivals in Europe, held from 31 July to 4 August 2013, it will conduct talks about professional career in IT sector.


We have come to Woodstock Festival to show the potential of IT sector and explain how to pursue one's interests in it. Moreover, we will pay attention to skills, attitudes and character traits essential to be professionally successful. Coming to Woodstock with such program may seem to be madness. But there is method in it. Looking back on my career, I can see how important was gaining experience in a dream profession as eary as possible. The first impulse for fulfilling one's dreams may ust as well appear in school as in festival field – says Przemek Berendt, Global Marketing Vice President in Luxoft.

Workshop run by the company during the festival will take place in casual atmosphere and concern current trends in the sector and ways of finding a job in IT.

We go to Przystanek Woodstock with a mission, which we qualify as an action in corporate social responsibility (CSR). The analyses show that by 2026 the EU will be short of nearly 1 million IT specialists. We want to reach people who are not related to IT sector and tell them what are the market trends, how to begin a career in IT, how to create a good CV, how does an interview look like, what skills are required. We will build awareness that IT sector is interesting, that it provides an interesting future, a possibility to earn a lot of money, and a huge number of vacancies – comments Przemek Berendt.

Luxoft means to contradict the traditional steryotype of IT as a not really interesting activity. Guests during the so-called Jam Sessions will have an opportunity to meet people who professionally deal with helping others in managing their IT career. In addition, a Guitar Hero competition will take place in the evening.

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