E-learning on the rise

Soon, Polish universities will have a Chance to become a mecca for students, including foreign ones.

The draft of the decree governing the principles of e-learning is ready for minister’s approval. According to “Rzeczpospolita” it will abolish restrictions in the education over the internet. There will be various changes, for example the number of lectures in which students will be able to participate.

 Despite the fact that this decree will annul restrictions and the universities will be able to conduct on-line lectures, the practical classes will have to be conducted in real life. A similar solution has been applied to earning credits and exams which will have to be attended in person.

From now on, owing to the use of internet connection, foreigners will be able to study in Poland. The biggest problem remains the necessity of reporting for exams. Nevertheless, the online studies tempts with their price which can be up to twice lower than traditional studies.

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