The 2011 belongs to the special economic areas

The investments have exceeded the value from the analogous period of 2010. Predictions are even more optimistic.

The first six months of 2011 have been much better to the special economic areas then the analogous period of the previous year. According to ‘Rzeczpospolita’, these areas have attracted investments of a total value of 4 milliard zlotys, which is twice as much than in the period between January and July 2010. It looks like the second half of the year can be even more impressive – at least three areas plan to break the investment boundary of one milliard zlotys – we can read in the daily.

The Kostrzyńska – Słubicka area has the best ratings. 9 permits have already been given of a total value of one milliard zlotys and another 14 investments are planned before the end of the year. Also in good state are Wałbrzyska Special Economic Area, which attracted Korean Mando and Japanese Lotte, and Special Economic Area in Katowice – the biggest of the Polish areas – which in 2011 attracted 14 investors. The pommeranian SEA has noted an increased interest along with the interest in the level of invested funds. In the last six months it has exceeded the worth of investments reached in the entire 2010.

The deals signed in this year will cause an increase in the number of workplaces. Its number will increase to the level of 4600. From September on the demand for employees may be even higher as new benefits for strategic investors will be introduced – sums up ‘Rzeczpospolita’.

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