As much as 10 percent of unemployed in three years? According to the Employment Ministry it’s possible.

Ministry of Employment and Social Care predicts the fall in the number of unemployed do the level of 10 percent in the next 2 to 3 years.

According to the data of GUS, the unemployed rate in Poland has, during the last two months, stabilized on the level of 13 percent.  It’s 0,6 percent higher than in the last year’s September. The increase has been noted in every province. Due to the end of seasonal works, the unemployed rate will, in the next few months, grow. As foreseen in the government’s bill, by the end of the year it will reach 13,8 percent.

I think that this is the real unemployment rate – comments Jacek Męcina, vice-minister of employment and social care. The seasonal works in sectors like tourism, gardening and agriculture have a huge importance on the labor market. We also predict, that the unemployment will grow until January or February 2014, when it’ll start to fall – he predicts.

We can’t count on a major improvement on the labor market. According to the vice-minister, the level of unemployment will start to fall slowly. The significant increase in the number of employed should come in the 2015. We believe that, due to the predicted economic growth in 2015, we will be in need of additional employees. According to the data of Eurostat, we can reach the level of 10 percent relatively quickly and the number of registered unemployed will be at 10 % in 2 or 3 years – says Jacek Męcina.

He also underlines the fact that the increase in the level of employed will influence the possible decrease of additional working costs, such as social insurance costs and additional taxes. According to the employers, the decrease in these costs could facilitate the process of creating new workplaces. The best option for us would be the decrease of additional employment costs, but we do realize, that to have any kind of conversation about this issue, we first need to increase the employment rate. This index has to grow and provide additional funds for FUS or PIT – explains the vice-minister.

According to the ministry, the improvement on the labor market should stop the young people from emigration and influence those who work in foreign countries and are working below their qualifications, to come back to Poland. The worse the situation on the labor market is, the more migrations we can observe. Fortunately, according to the data provided by GUS in 2012, the process is not as intense. Nevertheless, the financial migrations will always be tempting to the young, due to a 3 to 5 time bigger wages. It’s important for us to leave them the option of coming back to our country. Keep in mind that the employment abroad is quite often below the immigrants’ qualifications – emphasizes Jacek Męcina.

According to the data of Ministry of Employment and Social Care, in September 2013, in comparison with the previous month, the number of unemployed has decreased by a couple of thousand people. The highest unemployment rate has been noted in Warmińsko-Mazurskie province (20,4 percent) while the lowest was in Greater Poland (9,4 percent).   

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