The development of cloud computing as an opportunity for new workplaces.

According to the European Commission, the full use of computing cloud may create up to 2,5 million new workplaces in Europe.

The European Commission emphasizes the importance of development of services in the computing cloud. They can cause an increase in GDP of EU even up to 1 percent a year and the creation of 2,5 million new workplaces. The EU's strategy for this issue has already been created, but the emphasis is put on local regulations.


Poland has to make sure that the computing cloud will be present in its structural funds. In terms of financing the cloud, the primary focus will be on the Union's states. The Eurocloud is already discussing the matter with the Ministry of Economy. I believe that the general opinion should press towards the creation of such strategy - Anna Katarzyna Nietyszka, the head of Eurocloud Polska and Eficom SA and the member of European Socio-Economic Committee.


Moreover, the cloud computing technology should be included in the Computerized Poland Operational Program Computerized Poland. The consultations concerning the ramifications of the program are due to end tomorrow, i.e. 6th of November. It's final shape will be known by the mid-November. The most important element for us will be to include in the Computerized Poland Operational Program certain specifications, stating that the expense carried in this issue is not investment, but operational costs [OPEX]. The cloud is precisely what OPEX represents. We can buy whatever service we want and pay a monthly fee without having to purchase a server and keep it for several years to make the project last - says Anna Katarzyna Nietyszka.


The primary aim of computing cloud is to store data on the servers of specialized companies working in another location. It allows for the data to be accessible from any computer with Internet. According to the experts, the solution brings about savings and security. As Anna Katarzyna Nietyszka has put it: It's a total change of thinking about public and company's finances. The cloud gives 30 to 70 percent optimization of infrastructure costs. Another advantage of the cloud is the fact that it doesn't require the purchase of software and licenses as well as its constant actualization.


According to European Strategy for Use of Cloud Computing, the European providers of infrastructure, software and platforms will be promoted. The data of European Commission show, that the full use of cloud computing can 2,5 million of new workplaces in Europe and increase the EU's GDP by 1 percent a year up to 2020. European Socio-Economic Committee tries to remain more down to earth about these statistics and claims that such results may not be reached. Nevertheless, cloud computing may create new workplaces, especially for the young, in software creating sector. It also facilitates the setting up of small and medium sized companies, as it doesn't require much investment - comments the President of EuroCloud Polska and Eficom SA.


Currently, concrete works connected with a concrete plan of introducing this European strategy are taking place. At the end of October a group of experts, whose primary aim will be to work out standards in terms of service provision inside the cloud, has been created.

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