Will purchase of a land under office buildings be possible?

Firms, which are perpetual tenants of a land, will be able to buy it; for the time being, it is only a proposition.

Platforma Obywatelska MPs suggested that all perpetual tenants, who had the legal right before 14 October 2005, could turn them into properties – reads the “Rzeczpospolita”.

Currently only natural and legal persons could appropriate real properties for residential and agricultural purposes. This possibility is not accessible for, i.e. firms possessing commercial properties.

The authors of the project, as we read in “Rzeczpospolita”, want to change two bills: from 29 July 2005 – regarding the conversion of the perpetual usufruct into the property right as well as from 21 August 1997 regarding the real property management. MPs want to deprive Polski Zwiazek Dzialkowcow, state and local government persons as well as foreign companies the right to purchase the land.

MPs from Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc want to transform the perpetual usufruct into the property management (a request form would suffice). In turn, representatives of the left wing parties want to counteract the increase of fees for perpetual usufruct and propose division into instalments. All the projects are after the first reading.

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