The highlight of the right-bank part of Warsaw

In the harbour of Praga, Warsaw will be constructed a housing and office centre will, which will be up to standards presented by Hafen City, Hamburg.

The fate of the decaying harbour in Praga, Warsaw aroused interest of Adam Pykiel, the president of Port Praski – as reads the “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. The company wants to erect a residential and office centre in the place where today are barracks and chattels. The company already acquired first decisions of the municipal authorities that regard the construction of a complex of residential and office buildings.

The property manager, in his architectural vision, wants to incorporate on the 38-ha plot not only already mentioned residential and service properties but also a park, promenade at the same time integrating the harbour with Praga’s panorama – as reads the “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. In addition, the project assumes construction of a restaurant, a boat rental as well as other tourist attractive solutions. Developer’s priority is to vivify the place and give it a touch of Hafen City, Hamburg. Hafen City is an area of 2.2 sq. km. where is located an office building with 40 000 workplaces as well as residential houses with 12 000 occupants.

Port Praski assume that if all legal issues will be regulated on time, the implementation of the investment will take 4-5 years. She estimated costs as well as the details regarding the entire project are kept in secret.

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