Offensive on the job market

Owing to the value of the human resources we are becoming a world power of the outsourcing.

The global trend of outsourcing services has been enjoying success in Poland. For the outside-resource-using market, which is worth of 2 bn USD in total, Poland is an attractive location, mainly because of the available amount of specialists, geographical position on the continent, political and economic relative safety, educational facilities and universities as well as low labour costs.

The customers support itself contributes to a 3 bn USD income of Polish firms – informs” Newsweek” based on information provided by Zwiazek Liderow Sektora Uslug Biznesowych w Polsce (ABSL).  According to research conducted by SMG/KRC, the market itself is worth 1.5 bn USD. Nearly one-third of the 1000 outsourcing companies active in Poland belong to foreign corporations, among others: IBM, Ernst & Young as well as Capgemini.

The three Polish cities were noted among the most attractive locations in world for service centres for business in 2011: Cracow (position 11th with 43 centres), Warsaw (position 38th with 54 centres) as well as Wroclaw (position 84th with 34 centres). Nevertheless, according to DIS’s analysts, Poland remains the unquestionable leader in the East-Central Europe.

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