Good computer scientist incredibly precious

In spite of intensive development of IT industry in Poland and great interest, which this sector arouses in the west, the access to qualified computer scientists is still hampered, and the number of graduates of technical universities is not enough.

Deficit of computer scientists on the native market totals 50 000, and due to increasing IT market and demographic decline, the amount of available personnel will be probably decreasing. Recently, there has been a lack of good engineers and specialists in the area of software’s production or its testing. What is interesting, if we look on global rates, that is on the amount of students and technical universities, there are a lot of them, but we can also see that it is not enough – claims Mariusz Topór, manager for development of Ericpol partnership, supplier of i.a. software for companies and consulting as well as outsourcing services.


The major problem with finding qualified computer scientists have companies in big cities, in which the activity is carried out by large companies of IT sector – in Warsaw, Cracow, Wrocław or Tricity.


Shortcomings in IT specialists’ resources may be a serious obstacle in development of Polish companies of the computer industry. We should pay attention to education, perhaps on the change of educational model, because the present one is inefficient and long-lasting. Certainly, it is good to have a computer scientist who has been studying for 5 years, has completed a few practises or has been working somewhere. However, it is not enough now. This period is too long – convinces Mariusz Topór. I think that there are two challenges, that is an extension of a present educational system, and on the other hand – a remodelling of it so that this process would be more effective – adds.

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