Less and less unemployed people

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the unemployment in August of the current year decreased by 0,2 percentage points in comparison to last month. By degrees, although systematically, the unemployment in Poland has been dropping since seven months.

August is not a natural month for decrease in unemployment. There have been such years, like in 2009 or 2012, when unemployment increased at the end of holidays. It shows that this year’s decrease is not only seasonal. Activity on the labor market is a fact – comments Minister for Labor and Social Policy Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz.

Estimates of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy show that at the end of August, the registered unemployment rate totaled 11,7 per cent and it decreased by 24 000. In labor offices, 405 000 less people are registered – their number amounted 1 855 at the end of August. Such drastic decrease of unemployment in August was 7 years ago in 2007, right before the crisis – thinks Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz.

Improvement on the labor market is visible in all voivodships, however the highest decrease of unemployed people was recorded in Silesia (by 3,1 thousand), in Lodz province (by 2,6 thousand) and in Little Poland (by 2,4 thousand).

In August, employers recorded 93 000 of workplaces and vocational activations to offices. It is nearly 20 per cent more offers than in analogous period last year. It is the best August result since 6 years. Last time when employers recorded more vacancies was in 2008 – says Minister for Labor and Social Policy. Hopefully, situation on the labor market will be even better in the following month!

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