Fountain pens still exclusive

In spite of the fact that hand writing is more and more often replaced by tapping on a keyboard, a fountain pen still remains one of the most popular Christmas presents and not only for calligraphy enthusiasts.

A fountain pen symbolizes luxury and elegance. Therefore, it is one of the most eagerly given presents in the business and politics world. Exclusive, covered with gold, discreetly inlaid with diamonds, with a gold or platinum nib, fountain pens emphasize the professionalism and class of the owner.


Fountain pens are a very good idea for a gift in Poland because they refer to a culture of writing, and in general – to a culture of being a better man. The modernity serves us electronic media and tablets. Certainly, they facilitate the organization of our everyday activities, however, nothing can replace the piece of paper, a pen and hand writing – believes Marcin Pęszko, member of the board in Prime Line.


On the other hand, in a daily life more and more rarely we decide on a fountain pen and even on a simple pen. In some American schools, the study of handwriting is not even compulsory any more – teachers can choose if they prefer to teach children a calligraphy or fast tapping on a keyboard. Children more and more often start tapping on a computer than by hand which causes a decline in ability of proper grabbing and holding a pen. According to research, the calligraphy develops the ability to formulate thoughts and constructing logical statements in children. Moreover, it enhances the concentration and develops creativity.


Children are not able to write long because they are tired after a very short period. However, fountain pens or pencils made by certain producers have special hollows, they are intended for left-writing or right-writing, and the sooner we start exercising the better. Certainly, we can do everything on smartphones but the process of writing is also enjoyable. Therefore, if one gives a fountain pen as a gift to another person, it is like a piece of himself and he proposes: „You should always find a moment for yourself, express yourself, and do not tap your finger all the time” – says Marcin Pęszko.

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