Profitable Christmas for producers and sellers of wines

In pre-holiday weeks, the sales of wines – also those sparkling ones – is increasing. The producers, distributors and sales increase their activity, counting on better turnovers in shops, restaurants and in the Internet.

A Christmas season means for us not only increased consumer transactions, but also greater activity – admits Robert Ogór, chairman of the board in Ambra company. – We are coming into this season with two big projects. There will be new packaging for Cin & Cin company and refreshed artwork of the wine, especially El Sol associated with a large campaign of this liquor.


Within planned campaigns, the company will be promoting products in stationary places of sales as well as in the Internet. We will practically reach our consumer in all places where he makes a purchase – ensures Robert Ogór. – Our chain of Wine Center shops is preparing itself to service purchase needs, including presents. In shopping malls there will be also a lot of going on. Restaurateurs, who service more corporate parties in December period, are waiting for our deliveries. We may say that in any place where a consumer appeared in December, we will also appear. In the Internet too.


Moreover, the company is preparing itself to the growing demand for cider, a low-alcohol drink produced from apples. According to Polska Rada Winiarstwa, its intake is fourfold higher than last year (2 million liters in comparison with present 8,5 million liters) and it still be increasing (even to 10-15 million liters).


We expect that the sales will slightly increase in our basic segments, that is wines and sparkling wines – says Ogór. – In general, we deal with quite unfavorable surroundings when it comes to deflation or consumption tendencies. Therefore, we carefully count on the fact that we will be able to be in the small black. Except from cider which should contribute significantly to our total sales.


According to the last World Health Organization (WHO) report titled „Global status report on alcohol and health 2014”, a statistical Pole drinks 12,5 l of pure alcohol annually, which makes that our country is on the 13th place among 53 countries in Europe. On the Vistula River, the amount of consumed alcohol is higher than in France (12,2 l), Great Britain (11,6 l), Canada (10, 8 l) and USA (9,2 l). The world average totals 6,2 l.

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