Valentine’s Day business

Although some Poles are very skeptical when it comes to a feast of love in February, the majority celebrate it more or less sumptuously. Therefore, it is a perfect occasion for merchants and service providers to increase turnovers.

According to SW Research survey, 38,4 per cent of women and 41,6 per cent of men are going to spend from 51 to 100 zlotys in the Valentine's Day, 15,8 per cent of women and 21,5 per cent of men want to spend even more and almost every fourth tested people plan to celebrate this occasion but spend less than 50 zlotys.


The entrepreneurs take advantage of this moment and want to earn substantial sums of money. They increase the prices of flowers, books and offer many attractive joint offers. Primarily, flowers arouse a great interest in that time. The flower shops have even several times increase in sales. Moreover, hotels, gastronomy and erotic industry gain some profits – enumerates Tomasz Wojtasiewicz from WSB Schools of Banking in Wrocław. – The research presents that two thirds of Poles buy a present to their relatives and the average price totals 67 zlotys. If we accept such assumption, we will spend 1,5 million zlotys for the Valentine's Day. It means that the tax office may earn ca. 170 million zlotys within one day.


The majority of Poles do not celebrate the Valentine's Day very sumptuously, rather choosing domesticity and spending this evening with a beloved person. If a couple decides to go out, it is a theatre, cinema or restaurant. The lovers more and more often are leaving, for instance, to spa.  


The Valentine's Day presents and surprises are not so costly and Poles try to meet the expectations of a beloved person while buying them. First and foremost, the Polish women expect from their men some flowers, jewelry, cosmetics and perfumes, and then – they point out books or CDs – enumerates Agnieszka Morawiak from WSB Schools of Banking in Wrocław. – Indeed, men buy such presents to their beloved women and they add some sweets. On the other hand, women have some problems with meeting the taste of their partners. Primarily, men would like to receive electrical devices or car gadgets, whereas women choose perfumes, sweets, books or CDs.


At the beginning of the 90s, the Valentine's Day was recognized by 30 per cent of Poles, whereas at present – twice more. However, the majority of them do not treat it as a typically commercial day. The most often, Poles spend their Valentine's Day at home – points out Agnieszka Morawiak. – The Valentine's Day presents are bought in traditional shops, rarely in a chain. We would rather go to large shopping malls where the choice of presents is really wide and there are some attractive prices which lure us into buying products.


The marketers aim at earning some money on this day, especially that it follows the January period of slackening in trade. Moreover, they try to encourage singles to celebrate this event. In Poland, there are ca. 5-6 million of such people. The Anti-Valentine's Day is more and more wider celebrated and it has many followers. For instance, a date with yourself, that is spending a day on pleasures or meeting with other singles, such as speed dating – says Morawiak.

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