TriGranit opens a new office in Cracow

Bonarka for Business
Tomasz Lisiecki, Chief Development Officer, TriGranit Development Corporation
The Bonarka for Business office complex is officially enriched by another building. The investor informed that B4B will be composed of 11 offices.

The building E, which was opened today, is composed of 8 tiers and offers 10 000 sq. m of rentable area class A. It is the fifth office structure commissioned within Bonarka for Business. As a target, the complex will include 11 offices, the total area of which will amount to ca. 100 000 sq. m. The investors of the complex are such partnerships as TriGranit Development Corporation and IPR. The total value of the investment amounts to 200 million EUR.


We are very proud that we managed to reclaim nearly 19 ha of industrial and degraded area within 7 years and create here one of the most popular and desirable places for Cracow tenants which were realized especially for the business – said Tomasz Lisiecki, Chief Development Officer, TriGranit Development Corporation, during the opening ceremony.


The building had been rented in 71 per cent before its commission. The main tenants are RWE, VSoft and Solarwinds. The whole second stage of B4B received BREEAM certificate on „very good” level. Moreover, the complex also received the „Cracow – my home 2014” award.


The realization of the Bonarka for Business complex was preceded by the opening of Bonarka City Center – a commercial investment which is located in close proximity to offices. The buildings A and B (2009) were built within the first stage of B4B and then the buildings C (2012) and D (2013) were realized. The first fourth properties provided 35 000 sq. m of office area. There are such companies among their tenants as: State Street, Alexander Mann Solutions, Pega, Lufthansa Global Business Services, Pure Jatomi Fitness, Herbalife, or Euroclear.


TriGranit Development Corporation is one of the biggest private enterprises of the ECC region which are engaged in developer activity and management of properties. The partnership is planning two commercial projects and eight office buildings with the total area of nearly 135 000 sq. m within the nearest 3-5 years in Poland. The total value of these investments will exceed 500 million EURO.


IPR is a group of developer enterprises which function on the area of Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Germany and Cyprus. They are specialized in transformation of industrial area in properties of a new generation.


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