9 billion euro for innovations

The Polish entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from support for innovations as well as research and development activity thanks to a new financial perspective. The Intelligent Development program is going to provide 9 billion euro for this purpose.

The investments in innovativeness enhance the competitiveness of Polish companies. However, it is worth remembering about the need of development concerning innovative entrepreneurship which was noticed in Poland after 1989. Therefore, the support of public institutions like National Center for Research and Development is particularly important. 


We are combining two environments with each other: the world of science and the world of business. We deeply believe that it will result in innovations, research and development works as well as new products which have a chance to obtain Polish and most of all – global markets – says Leszek Cieśla in NCBiR. The expert emphasized that the organization is trying to influence on the situation in the area of innovativeness by a flexible adjustment to the needs of entrepreneurs.
The financing in that new perspective may be even easier than before. A good example is a program which is going to start soon, that is Fast Track to Innovation. A businessman gets information within 60 days whether they receive a bailout from National Center for Research and Development – says Leszek Cieśla.


The Center was the first public institution in Poland offering a market support system which minimizes formalities and shortens time of issuing a decision to 60 days from the date of submitting documents. In the first competition which was held last year, the bailout in the amount of 254 million zlotys was granted to 115 enterprises realizing projects from the area of medium and high technologies.


The development of innovations in Poland will be also supported by a newly founded Coalition for Polish Innovation which gathers scientific, academic and business institutions. The initiators ensure that detailed pro-innovative solutions for development of the B+R sector in Poland and increase in the level of innovativeness of Polish economy will be developed within the Coalition for Polish Innovation. All entrepreneurs should invest in B+R and be a step forward in order their products will be innovative – sums up expert from National Center for Research and Development.


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