Beautiful look of Central Station

Warszawa Centralna railway station - visualization
Warszawa Centralna railway station - visualization
Replacement of glass elevation is currently being conducted at Warszawa Centralna railway station. Works are being performed by Buma Factory owned by Buma Group.

Works performed by Buma Factory at Warszawa Centralna railway station are closely coming to an end which is planned on the fourth quarter of this year. The railway's elevation has been already replaced from east and partially from north. At present, the arrangement of southern and western elevation is being conducted.


Due to conducted works, PKP informed that travelers have to benefit from a specially launched, temporary and around-the-clock waiting room on the ground floor under the western entresol from 24th August. The way is pointed out by specially prepared signs as well as interactive and mobile informers. Changes will last about a month.  


Replacement of glass elevation is one of the projects realized within termo-modernization of Warszawa Centralna railway station. The investment will allow to keep the heat in the building in winter more effectively and thus enhance the comfort of travelers benefitting from the structure. It will also have an influence on reduction of maintenance costs. The project's realization will amount to ca. 8.4. million zlotys.  


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