Small enterprises among big ones

Art-Business Center
Art-Business Center
At present, there are many new office investments on the market in Wrocław which offer space for lease or sale. Among them there are office structures aimed at smaller entrepreneurs.

The domestic office market is diversified due to offered space. In spite of the fact that the major part of it is located in big offices, the office area situated in smaller structures is important for a particular group of potential users such as e.g. medium enterprises. The example is the market in Wrocław.


Towards big office investments


Wrocław is currently one of the most dynamically developing regional markets in respect of office area in Poland. There are many investments in the city which offer office space. All office complexes which are being realized in the city as well as business parks and modern offices are response to the demand of companies – often from the sector of modern services – which search for a spacious and modern headquarters. When it comes to location, new projects are being realized on the area of both the Old City and other districts: Śródmieście, Krzyki or Fabryczna.


Access to qualified personnel, economic potential and favoring atmosphere for running a business – these are only some of many assets of Wrocław which attract foreign companies or native corporations. Hence, there will still be new and big office investments realized on the Wrocław market. However, the role of smaller offices cannot be diminished. The key to success in this case may be a proper strategy.


Tenants and location – the most important factors


First and foremost, the interest in small offices is mainly recorded by entities which search for small areas – e.g. medium companies. Therefore, it is important that space available in the structure could meet requirements of this group of potential users, for instance by allowing them to arrange their office freely or equip it with modern technological solutions. Secondly, the location as well as diversification of the offered space are really crucial factors.


The mentioned strategy was adopted in the case of Art-Business Center owned by Art-Developer. The small office is located on the area of Wrocław Ołtaszyn among a single-family development, which is a quite untypical place for an office structure. The presence of housing estates or homes results in the fact that a certain area is well-communicated. Moreover, parking places on the area of the office and on the other side of the street, where the parking zone will be realized, are envisaged for the owner of premises and their guests commuting by car. The service and commercial zone is also available in the structure. A lot of residential investments have been recently realized in Ołtaszyn which contributed to a mass searching for service and commercial premises in that region and gave us the green light for starting the building as well as commercialization process – says Daria Neyman, Chairman for Marketing in Art-Developer. The structure arouses interest among companies and entities functioning in different industries, e.g. consulting rooms, physiotherapeutic offices, or language schools. We also received some questions from personal trainers or medium enterprises which are searching for a headquarters for their companies – adds Dari Neyman.


Furthermore, Art-Developer is planning realization of another investment. A new office – Multi-Art-Developer – is going to be realized in Ślęza (between Bielany and Ołtaszyn). It will be located between two housing estates owned by the developer. The building will start in November this year and its commission is planned at the end of the second quarter of 2017.


Small offices are complementation of a rich offer concerning the area in big structures. The demand for small office areas, especially from local enterprises, will contribute to realization of new buildings on the market.


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