Place on the inglorious list for a polish skyscraper.

Huffington Post journalists have placed ‘Szkieletor’ from Cracow on a list of the most intriguing ghost – skyscrapers in the world.


A subjective list of 10 most intriguing skyscrapers in the world has been created by the journalists of Huffington Post website. Apart from the polish building there are abandoned skyscrapers from all over the world on the list.

Among other inglorious building the are Michigan Central Station in Detroit, Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang in North Korea, Tower of David in Caracas, Venezuela and PacBell Building in San Francisco. Polish building is the only European ghost – skyscraper on the list. The authors of the list have informed that the process of building of ‘Szkieletor’ has been suspended due to economic reasons and the old building is now used for hanging billboards on it.

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