18 million for a lot with an office building

Makrum Group disposes of it's assets, including a property in Bydgoszcz on Gdańska and Kamienna St.., where currently there is an office-retail-service building.

The transaction's total value oscillates around 18 million zł. This large-scale sale shall bring additional revenue, intended for the company's development.

-The planned property's sale won't substantially influence capital Group's operatiional activities in it's base area of activity- we read in in Makrum's current report.

Avaible for purchase is, among others a built up land property situated in Bydgoszcz, on Gdańska St. 138-140,  to which Immobile Ltd. Has a perpetual usufruct right, with a total area of 13 656 m2. On part of this area there is a complex of an office-retail-service building with a total rent area of 5 206.41 m2 together with parking lots located on the premises.

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