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Business Garden - sports equipment
What do sport and office have in common? At first sight, it may seem that they are not related at all, however, appearances can be deceiving…

Active space


Various incentives for practicing sport may turn into an activity only when employees have a proper infrastructure at their disposal. At present, numerous places for physical activity are established in modern offices as well as in their surroundings. Additionally, fitness clubs also operate in many buildings. Sometimes they are established on quite big areas. The example is Warsaw Spire, where a fitness club of the Polish chain – Calypso – is located on the area of more than 1500 sq. m. Sometimes the location of a given office encourages to practice sport. The example is Tarasy Grabiszyńskie, which are located in close proximity to a fitness club.


Offices for bicyclists


While looking at the offer of modern offices, one may think that the infrastructure for bicyclists is almost the key equipment of a given building. Car parks, changing rooms and showers are available in many buildings. Companies eagerly promote physical activity and commuting to work by bicycles because it is often one of the elements of their image campaign. The rewarding of commuting by bicycles is also related to environmental policy run by companies. The infrastructure for bicyclists is especially interesting for employees of such offices which are located in close proximity to bicycle paths, for instance, Cracow's Lobos Office. Such location of the office buildings constitutes an additional incentive for using bicycles.


Sport events... in the office 


Sometimes offices can serve as sport buildings, where sport competitions take place, such as Rondo 1 Run Up. It is a competition in climbing up the stairs. The finishing post is located on the 37th floor of the Warsaw’s Rondo 1 building. It is organized for both amateurs and professional sportsmen. The run has been organized since 2011, whereas the last year’s edition of the event was of the range of the European Championships in Climbing Up the Stairs granted by the Towerruning World Association. The goal of the competition is to support children from the SOS Children's Villages Association in Poland. The entire income from fees paid by the competitors is intended for this special goal.


Developers support sport 


What else do sport and real estate industry have in common? Sport sponsorship. It is not only a good form of advertisement but also a way for building a positive image of a company. Additionally, these are the activities for social responsibility of business. For instance, Developres operates very actively within sport sponsorship. The investor of SkyRes is engaged in development of horse riding. He donates the stud in Leśna Wola and supports its competitors. Except for riding, the company has been donating the Developres Rzeszów Sport Club since 2012.


A sport patron is also a developer company – Murapol. The company is not only an investor of such commercial buildings as Biurowiec Nordika in Gdańsk but also a main sponsor and co-owner of the TS Podbeskidzie football club. Murapol cares about young football talents and donates money to the AP 21 football school run by Mirosław Szymkowiak and Tomasz Frankowski. Murapol Cup is organized for young adepts of football. The company also supports other sport disciplines. The developer is the main sponsor of the Polish Representation in rugby.


The establishment of proper infrastructure for physically active employees is a response to the growing popularity of sport among Poles. Something it is also a response to the demand of the local market, especially when there are only a few such buildings in a given district of a city. The engagement of developers in sport is reflected in their promotion of healthy lifestyle among employees as well as CSR of a company, and also a way of promoting itself.


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Marcin - HSF group :
Świetnie, że w końcu ktoś mówi o tej sprawdzonej metodzie zwiększania produktywności i zdrowia pracowników. Dodatkowo, tworzenie stref fitness-wellness-spa w biurowcu przez właściciela obiektu jako część wspólna (a nie komercyjny klub fitness) niesie za sobą mnóstwo korzyści... Stworzyliśmy w Polsce kilka takich stref i odbiór takich stref przez najemców i ich pracowników jest rewelacyjny :)
Oby więcej takich artykułów !
February 16, 2017 at 11:27 AM