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Are you looking for a new office in Krakow? We would like to present you some buildings situated in the capital of Little Poland, which offer modern office space.


Lobos Office


Lobos Office is situated in the Krakow's Czyżyny district. Its location allows reaching key business places on the Krakow's map. A developed road infrastructure of Czyżyny includes: developed Mogilska Street and Jana Pawła II Avenue (easier access to Dworzec Główny railway station), modern Rondo Czyżyńskie with Bus Station and fast tram line (8 tram lines and 11 bus lines), or new bicycle path. The total size of the building amounts to 8000 sq. m. The office is designed in accordance with the requirements of the LEED certification at the Platinum level. Additionally, the building is designed as a set of open space, which will be arranged according to the requirements of the future users, which allows for flexible shaping of representative and recreation space, or places for both individual and team work. Lobos Office offers various facilitations and the technologically advanced infrastructural environment (for instance, own trafo station with a power-generating aggregate).



Park Club



A commercial and apartment building – Park Club – is currently being erected on the edge of the Krakow’s Błonia Park at 3 Maja Street. It will offer ca. 19 000 sq. m of total space, including more than 6000 sq. m of office space class A+ situated on four levels. The ground floor of the building will be intended for commercial space with the accompanying gastronomic part. The building will be crown with two tiers, on which apartments are to be located. Park Club is therefore a good example of a mixed-use building. The investment is characterized by location in close proximity to green areas. Park Club is situated on the edge of the Krakow’s Błonia Park in close proximity to the public park with the view of Las Wolski and Kościuszko Mound. A road leading to the building, that is 3 Maja Avenue, is also tree-covered. Park Club will have a hanging terrace covered with greenery, which is to create a “green podium.” The investment will be commissioned soon.


Porto Office B 


It is also worth mentioning Porto Office B in the Krakow’s Dębniki district. The building is situated at Gen. Bohdana Zielińskiego Street. It is a picturesque area next to Bulwary Wiślane in the Bielany-Tyniec Landscape Park. The office is executed by Portuguese investors, who designed it in accordance with the principles of sustainable construction. The investment will comprise of two office buildings (Porto Office A and Porto Office B) class A. The building of the first one started in December 2015 and the first tenants will soon move into the office. Porto Office B is a 4-tier L-shaped office offering 5500 sq. m. The architectural project of the Porto Office complex was devised in the IMB Asymetria architectural studio from Krakow.


Unity Center


The Cracovians are awaiting a development of “Szkieletor,” which defaces the image of the city. The building will have been transformed into Unity Tower in the surrounding of four other buildings by the end of 2019. Unity Center, which is currently being erected at Rondo Mogilskie, will be the largest mix-use business center. The complex will comprise of 5 buildings of different functions and a differentiated scale of development (3 offices, hotel and apartment). The total leasable space of Unity Center will amount to 46 000 sq. m. The most distinguishing element of the complex will be Unity Tower, which will replace the unfinished construction of the building, which belongs to the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations, popularly known as “Szkieletor.” The building was purchased along with the ground by Treimorfa Project Sp. z o.o. in 2005.


The office market in the capital of Little Poland is still developing. No wonder that only some of the Krakow’s offices with modern office space were mentioned above. They are a good example of how high class buildings erected in this city. We would like to highly recommend the newest report Polish Office Market. Investment, Architecture, Products to all people who would like to know the local office market as well as developers’ plans.


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