How To Restore Attractiveness To Office Space? A Few Words on Revitalization

Call Center, Orange, Kasprzaka Street in Warsaw - interior after revitalization
How to restore attractiveness to office space and maintain low costs? This issue can be examined on the example of a concrete building. Let’s analyze the revitalization of Orange.


Renovation Without Interrupting

On the one hand, many companies would like to renovate their offices. On the other hand, they would not like to interrupt the continuity of work. In this case, the solution is to perform a renovation on the operating office. However, it is a great challenge... The main difficulty is efficient work organization to people who are temporally devoid of their desks. No wonder that efficient conducting of works is very important in such case. How did it work for Orange? In order to quicken the works, two floors were renovated within one stage at the same time. It lasted ca. 2-2.5 months. The employees were working from home or they were occupying free spaces on other floors.

While renovating, it is also necessary to find a new place for the furniture. The people who are often responsible for their relocation are tenants or owners. In the case of the call center of Orange, such solution was not possible. How did they manage with the furniture then? A part of them were secured on spot and the rest of them were replaced temporarily to the warehouses by the executor.


The example of the office at Kasprzaka Street proves that it is very important to take care of the aspects which improve the conditions during renovation works. Of course, it also concerns the design, but, most of all, a new space has to be coherent with the current regulations. Thanks to the renovation, the building’s value is improved for both present and future tenants. 


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