Which Shades Are Perfect For Office Space?

ReflexSun - Screen Shades (Refleksols)
It may seem that all shades are practically the same and it does not matter which of them are mounted on the windows in the office space. However, appearances can be deceptive…


Without Losing Sight of Your Window

When we want to use external shades, we need to roll them, which, unfortunately, means that we cover the view of the window. It creates an unpleasant feeling of closure which is not welcome among employees. In comparison to traditional solutions, refleksols have one important advantage: the innovative construction allows to admire the view of the window. A special texture of this material reflects sunbeams and does not cover the windowpane. In spite of the fact that the refleksols are rolled, we can look at the greenery in the neighborhood of the building or admire the live of the city. Moreover, refleksols do not constitute a barrier for the daylight. Thereby, working place is bright and well-lit.


Refleksols improve work comfort. They do not only protect against the overheating of interiors but they also protect against tiresome sunbeams reflected on monitor screens. The structure of shades allows for effortless looking outside the window and enjoying the views with no sense of closure.


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Comments 2
Halinka :
No właśnie, tez mi się wydaje że takie żaluzje pionowe są idealne do biur. My też na takie postawiliśmy i zamówiliśmy na wymiar od producenta rolet i żaluzji firmy FILL. Ogólnie moim zdaniem bardzo ładnie wyglądają w biurze.
September 30, 2020 at 8:17 AM
Liliana Gomowska :
Do biura doskonałym pomysłem będą żaluzje pionowe verticale, choć rolety również zawsze się bronią. Może rolety dzień noc byłyby najbardziej funkcjonalne.
June 19, 2018 at 11:25 AM