No More Damaged Shoes In Your Office

You are looking at your favourite shoes with a deep concern… Despite taking care of them, you can spot some new tears and scuffs… Do you realize that office chairs are responsible for that? Fortunately, there is a way of dealing with this problem!

Why Do You Have Tears and Scuffs On Your Shoes?

We spend a lot of hours at our office desk. Sometimes it happens that our shoes accidently hit the wheels of office chair. Many of us don't even pay attention to it. Unfortunately, those seemingly trivial hits can cause irreparable tears and scuffs to our shoes. This problem may concern different kinds of shoes – heels or flats, oxfords or loafers. As we all know, employees' shoes should be always clean and elegant because they're a part of their looks, thus influencing their whole image. Tears and scuffs definitely don't look aesthetically and damaged shoes can destroy even the best stylization. However, no one's going to work stand-up all day in order to avoid damaging their shoes because of the wheels. As necessity is the mother of invention, there's a solution to this problem.


Heel’n’bumpers – What Is That?

As it has turned out, our shoes can be protected against scuffs by special shields named heel’n’bumpers which are mounted on the wheels of our office chairs. They are dome-shaped with a soft silicon band around that provides a protective barrier between the shoes and caster wheels of office chairs. It may seem that the solution to this problem is very easy, however, no one has ever figured out it... until now. The shields appeared on the market in 2016. This is therefore an entirely new product which successfully conquers new markets.


The Secret Of Success

What makes heel’n’bumpers so popular? Firstly, they are made in response to the needs of many office employees. Secondly, the shields are made from high quality materials. They're a one-time purchase as they come with a lifelong guarantee. Heel’n’bumpers are universal shields which fit most of the standard office chairs. Their montage doesn't require any tools and it's very simple. What's more, the shields can be easily demounted and placed on another chair. Thereby, when you change your work, you don't have to change your favorite wheels which are safe for your shoes.


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