No More Damaged Shoes In Your Office

You are looking at your favourite shoes with a deep concern… Despite taking care of them, you can spot some new tears and scuffs… Do you realize that office chairs are responsible for that? Fortunately, there is a way of dealing with this problem!


You Don’t Only Save Your Shoes But Also…

Heel’n’bumpers don’t only protect shoes. Thanks to the silicon bands around the shields, the wheels of office chairs don’t leave marks and gouges on walls. This particular feature is perfect in small offices where space isn’t large and it happens that employees hit walls with their wheels while standing up. Heel’n’bumpers protect walls, skirting boards and furniture and thus they can be also used in private space by people who work in the home office formula.


Personalization And Design

What are Heel’n’bumpers? Of course, functional, but it isn’t all… They're a very original element of office design. Chairs with heel’n’bumpers look like they hover above the ground. All shields have a silicon band which protects our shoes. Bands are available in five colors: black, mint, coral, green and pink. Thereby, we can adjust them to the entire office. Heel’n’bumpers are presented on Red Dot 21 website among the best products of global design.

A Great Idea For A Gift

We highly recommend Heel’n’bumpers to people who look for Christmas presents. They don’t only protect our shoes but they're also an interesting gadget. As we've already mentioned, they're an untypical element of office design. Heel’n’bumpers can be a present for both clients and employees. All shields have silicon bands, whose colors can be adjusted to a logo of a company which orders them. What is more, they can also have a name inscribed on them.


Heel’n’bumpers is a simple and innovative product that solves the problem of shoes scratched by the wheels of office chairs. They protect walls and office furniture. Thanks to silicon bands, these shields make that swivel chairs don’t leave marks while hitting walls and lockers. Heel’n’bumpers are therefore very practical. It’s worth remembering that they're a unique element of interior design. If your office chair destroys your shoes, you’ve got a choice now: Legs up! Or Heel’n’bumpers!


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