OE Electrics Media Ports: Fast, Safe And Comfortable

Mobile devices are very popular these days. No wonder that their mass scale has caused the increased demand for the access to power supply in public places. Despite the growing popularity of chargers, we still forget about many important aspects related to their usage.

USB Charger Popularity

Nowadays, people are very mobile; they like to travel a lot and they do not work only from their office but also from home, café, during commuting to and from work, or from many other places. They need some devices which could help them to keep up the pace of life, hence the growing popularity of mobile devices. These devices have to be light and small so that they could be comfortable in use and transport. Because of this requirement, it is impossible to install an energy transformer inside them. Thereby, chargers have become a pressing necessity.



Safety Is The Top Priority

Employee’s safety is a very important aspect for companies. However, some common pieces of office equipment such as chargers are often overlooked in this context. It is worth pointing out what solutions are chosen by employees to charge their mobile devices.

For instance, many chargers have no or have improper protection against overloading. In fact, they can provide more energy than a given device actually requires, which can lead to its overheating, and, in an extreme case, to irreparable damage.

Another problem is overheating of USB charger, which has a crucial impact on its productiveness. It is proved that each 10oC temperature increase effectively reduces the service life of some electronic units by half. Temperature control is therefore a very important issue confirmed by the IEC/UL safety regulations, according to which the maximum temperature is 52oC. Furthermore, the adequate charger output power is of great importance as it prevents from damage and limits fire risk.


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karola :
super te media porty
February 15, 2018 at 12:43 PM
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bardzo ładne, eleganckie i nietypowe
January 22, 2018 at 2:43 PM