OE Electrics Media Ports: Fast, Safe And Comfortable

Mobile devices are very popular these days. No wonder that their mass scale has caused the increased demand for the access to power supply in public places. Despite the growing popularity of chargers, we still forget about many important aspects related to their usage.


Energy Within Reach

The majority of employees would like to have a charger within reach in order to connect their devices and continue work as quickly as possible whenever it is needed. Thereby, USB chargers are more and more often incorporated in the furniture. For instance, some OE Electrics media ports can be built into the office desk, conference table or soft furniture such as sofas or armchairs.



Interestingly, all OE Electrics media ports can be equipped with a replaceable TUF A+C charger and different types of ports: USB TUF, RJ, DATA, HDMI, AUDIO/VISUAL, VGA and a wide range of network sockets, which are in compliance with the standards of different countries. The exclusive distributor of these devices in Poland is GRYC. Media ports are fully configured and available in many shapes and patterns. Thereby, they can be successfully adjusted to office design as interesting elements of arrangement. They can be perfectly incorporated into office space as they can be mounted on the desk, under the desk and into the desk.



The offer of GRYC includes accessories for office furniture such as desk and floor grommets, cable spines, horizontal cable routing and power-supply strips systems.

Media ports offered by GRYC can be successfully used in office space, conference halls, reception halls, hotels, cafes, waiting rooms and even at the airports.

OE Electrics media ports are a perfect solution for all people. No matter which power-supply unit is chosen by a user, they can be sure that OE Electrics ports are surveyed and certified in accordance with the most important international standards and that the production facility is assessed by Intertek/ETL au courant in compliance with the British and American requirements. 



More information: gryc.com.pl and catalogue




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karola :
super te media porty
February 15, 2018 at 12:43 PM
basbas :
bardzo ładne, eleganckie i nietypowe
January 22, 2018 at 2:43 PM