My Start Up Workshops – Import from China

City : Warsaw
Place : Millenium Plaza Golden Floor, XXVI Floor, F Hall
Date : 28.02.2015
Hour : 09:00 - 17:00
Status : closed


My Start Up Workshops – Import from China

28th February, Warsaw


Thanks to a knowledge supported by 20-year experience as a Couch, „Import from China” workshops allows to know a character of import business and realize how difficult it is as well as know the knowledge concerning good preparation and tools. The important element of the meeting is also a conveying the ability of avoiding the most common mistakes causing considerable financial losses. Now we have the eighth edition of the workshops. We may familiarize with opinions concerning the previous editions on the website:


In the program:

  • What is import and why do we do it?
  • Searching of proper deliverers
  • Verification of deliverers and commodities
  • What and how can we import from China?
  • Contracts and payments, realization of order
  • Supervision of import operations, insurances
  • Correspondence with deliverers
  • Quality control in the import process
  • Import documents
  • Organization and process of transport, choice of a carrier
  • Forms of transport, character of container transport
  • Independent searching of customs rates
  • Customs



Leszek ŚlazykI have been dealing with organization of production and running import from the Far East since 1994. I had a possibility of living and working in China while realizing orders of Polish and European Union companies. Thanks to this experience, I was able to have my own and subjective view on modern Middle Kingdom and its citizens.  

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