Office courtyards – a new trend in Poland

Nowa Stajnia in Krakow - visualization
A new office courtyard is currently being realized in Krakow on the area of a several-hectare-large garden in the city center. How to give a second life to the economic development from the 19th century? We are talking with Antoni Potocki about “Nowa Stajnia” and its incredible surroundings.


Do you think that such a small office can easily compete with large office buildings in the process of gaining a client?


Definitely, yes! I have been the owner of the similar complex for more than 15 years. It is older, of course, and thus it has a worse technical condition. It is not so modern as this planned one, however, I have already gained the third tenant of this building. The list of them includes IT companies in large part, which moved out because they were growing really fast, and I could not guarantee them additional space. Therefore, I decided to modernize and redevelop a new building. It will definitely allow to provide big space. I can see that there is a genius loci, which helps the companies to develop; and when the company develops, it needs additional space.


When do you plan the commissioning of Nowa Stajnia?


I would like to repeat once again that the office will be prepared for a concrete tenant. Therefore, I cannot commence the construction works right now. I would like to find a tenant firstly, discuss all details with them and prepare a project for their expectations. I envisage that I need six months to realize this project. The entire administrational procedure is behind me, I have my financing guaranteed, the team for construction works has already been chosen. Actually, we could start the building the next morning.  


In a situation when I could not find a concrete tenant so quickly, I would start first works at the shell building this year, or at the beginning of the following year, that is readjusting the brick, change the ceiling and the roof. There would be a main solid which is to remain pretty much the same, no matter of the realization inside the building. However, I am planning to wait with the arrangement for the particular tenant.


Are you planning the office to be green?


I would absolutely like to perform it in accordance with the ecological trends and thus I am planning to use one of the most modern and green solutions when it comes to heating and air conditioning. It will be based on the heating pump, which uses the so called shallow geothermal. It is a green solution because it does not cause any pollution and it is very economic, for it consumes low electricity (about 25 per cent of what is needed by other heating or air conditioning systems). Additionally, it creates a very pleasant effect because we deal with air conditioning from the natural underground coolness, not with the artificial cooling machines.


Are there any new green solutions to be applied in Nowa Stajnia?


We are going to prepare what is commonly viewed as green solution in the building, that is a car park for bicycles and showers for bicyclists. The majority of the construction of the first floor, or even the entire construction, are to be made from wood, which will have an additional factor for good microclimate. I am going to use small amount of concrete, steel and other industrial materials for the construction. The building is to be well-isolated in order to minimize heating or cooling loses.


Do you aspire to be granted a certificate?


I have some doubts about that. The certification is a really complicated bureaucratic procedure, and very expensive, to be honest. I believe that me and my co-working designers know each other enough to prepare this office in such a way to make sure that we would meet all their requirements, even without the certificate. I have not made the final decision about certifying the office yet. However, I think that I would not request for it.


You called it Nowa Stajnia because...


...because there was actually a real stable in the building. And now there is going to be a new one after the renovation. Besides, the word “stajnia” (“stable”) is very close to me, since I am a true lover of horses. I have always practiced horse riding and I have two horses. I am not planning to keep horses in the building, of course, but I remember that horses used to be in this building when I was a child.


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