Effectiveness of training on business results


City : Warszawa
Place :
Date : 07.03.2014
Hour : 09:00 - 16:00
Status : closed

Effectiveness of training on business results - how to achieve it?
7th March 2014, Warsaw


The aims of the workshop:

The objective of the meeting is to present an innovative approach to training management in organisations. According to this new approach, the personal devopment of employees will become a conscious and fruitful policy bringing actual profits to a company, no more being just an empty slogan. The methodology of training project management based on the SEB/SEA model  makes it possible to answer the question "What impact did the training have on the company's business results?"


Workshop formula:

workshops, presentation of case studies, collaborative work, individual exercices, discussion, exchange of experiences, a game-competition.


The workshop will teach the participants to:

  • define the business aims of training
  • analyse the need of training as a factor supporting business
  • create a comprehensive plan of improving the effectiveness of their training policies
  • create a comprehensive plan of evaluating the effectiveness of training according to the Kirkpatrick's model
  • design the tools for supporting the effectiveness of the adjustment phase 
  • enhance their HR image as a business partner


The tutor:

Paweł Kopijer (MBA, Thames Valley University, London) completed Paul J. Meyer's LMI management coaching programme. He holds the certificates of ROI Model, J.J.Phillips, ROI Institute, and Human Performance Improvement, ASTD. He has over 20 years of management and business experience, having worked as a chairman of 2C Broker House, a chairman of the Polish branch of the American Society for Training and Development, a deputy-chairman of the International Institute of Coaching, a managing director of the Polish Association of Staff Management, a project manager of study missions in renowned enterprises in Great Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium, organised by the Polish Productivity Centre (Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Finances), being also a shareholder in various training and advisory companies.

He gained considerable HR i HRD experience as a training specialist in the central management board of Poczta Polska (Polish postal service), a HR manager of KOMA S.A., an IT company. He works also as a lecturer at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, the Kozminski University, the Warsaw University of Technology, the Gdansk University of Technology, and the Tischner European University in Krakow. He created the SEB/SEA model (a tool for enhancing training processes, and evaluating their effectiveness), and he's the author of a book "Kompendium Zarządzania Szkoleniami" (Compendium of Training Management).


W guarantee:

  • individual consultation with an expert
  • individual certifications
  • small group enhancing the effectiveness of learning
  • educational materials
  • lunch and coffee breaks

We offer also our help with finding a convenient accommodation.

Date: 7th March 2014
Place: Warsaw
Price: 650 PLN

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