Mobbing and discrimination in workplace


City : Katowice
Place :
Date : 21.02.2014
Hour : 09:00 - 16:00
Status : closed

Mobbing and discrimination in workplace

21st February 2014, Katowice


The aim of the training is to develop skills of recognising, preventing, and counteracting discrimination and mobbing among managers of employees. The participants will learn also about the legal consequences of mobbing in workplace, the rules governing the legal responsibility for mobbing and discrimination on the part of employers, and different sorts of legal claims which are available to employees.


The training is directed at management staff, personnel specialists, and all the employees who are involved in the management process. We invite also all the persons who are responsible for setting up regulations concerning HR processes in companies, and make decisions in this field. The participants will be acquainted with the examples of mobbing or violation of the principle of equal treatment of employees, and will learn about the consequences of such situations.


The programme:

  • definition of mobbing and its significance for a company

  • duties of an employer and his/her deputies in terms of counteracting mobbing

  • examples of mobbing in workplace

  • legal practices and case law pertaining to mobbing and discrimination in workplace

  • definition and different kinds of discrimination in workplace

  • protection against the charge of violation of the principle of equal treatment

  • differences between mobbing and discrimination

  • consequences of mobbing or discrimination in workplace (claims and indemnities)

  • simple ways of preventing mobbing and discrimination in workplace


The tutors:


Piotr Krupa – partner at KSP Legal & Tax Advice legal office

Specialist in the field of labour law, commercial companies law, and legal matters concerning mergers, takeovers, reorganisation, and privatisation. He manages the Employment Law Team at KSP, having a considerable experience in the field of labour law, reorganisation of HR system and payroll system, as well as legal issues regarding employment and corporate transactions. He also takes part in negotiations with trade unions, keeps employee records, provides legal advice in the emploer-employee international relations. He specialises also in the protection of employers against claims of mobbing and discrimination.


Dawid Mielcarski – advocate at KSP Legal & Tax Advice legal office

He's a specialist in the field of labour law, real estate law, and companies law, providing advisory services in the matters concerning employment, especially cases related to work time. He also represents companies in the employment law litigations, helps them develop the foundations of good practices in workplace, aiming at preventing mobbing and discrimination. He advises about the ways of protection against claims of mobbing and discrimination, and in case of litigation – he represents the parties in the labour court.



We guarantee:

  • comprehensive, original training programme

  • individual certificate

  • educational material

  • lunch and coffee breaks

  • chic venue


Date: 21st February 2014, 9 am – 4 pm

Place: Katowice

Price: 690 PLN per person

(in case of advance registration before 31.01.2014 – 590 PLN per person)

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