Salary management in a workplace


City : Warszawa
Place :
Date : 20.03.2014 - 21.03.2014
Hour : 09:00 - 16:00
Status : closed

Salary Management in a workplace
20th-21st March 2014


Workshop's description

Salary management is one of the key areas of management, not only in HR, but also in the whole organisation. It is due to the fact that salaries constitute the major part of company's expenses.

During the training, you will learn how to create comprehensive salary systems, which would support the company's policy by motivating the employees to fulfill the goals set by the company, and which would meet the employees' expectations. 


The workshop's objectives

The aim of the workshop is to provide the reliable knowledge and to develop practical skills, necessary for:

  • analysis of the strenghts and weaknesses of the existing salary system
  • creating an efficient salary system in the organisation
  • construction and application of the system of evaluation of job posts and employees' competences
  • evaluating the results of work and an employee's competence by MBO and competence profile

For whom:

The workshop is designed especially for the employees of HR departments, HR specialists and managers, managers of commercial departments, as well as company owners (be it a small firm or an international corporation).


During the training, participants will learn how to:

  • distinguish the key notions and issues concerning salary management
  • evaluate job posts and an employee's competences
  • build the system of competence evaluation by MBO and competence profile
  • create an effective salary system for the commercial department

The lecturer:

Daniel Kowalski - a coach specializing in training and advice-development processes in the field of direct sales and telesales, interpersonal communication, infuencing the society, and HR in its broad sense. He graduated from the Academy of Business Coaches "SET Group", Business Coaches School "Moderator", and he completed the course "Trainer & Consultant as a Business Partner" in the House of Skills. He gained a considerable management and coaching experience, working as a HR specialist in a company of world-wide recognition in the financial sector. He conducted also his own training and advisory projects. His projects aim at increasing sales and improving the quality of customer service. In his advice-development projects, he introduced salary systems for commercial departments and middle level management staff. He is a member of the Polish Association of Business Coaches, and a lecturer of the Academy of Business Coaches "SET Group". His experience includes over 1500 hours of trainings and workshops for customer consultants, telesales assistants, coaches, HR specialists, as well as high-level and middle-level management staff. He's the author of articles about business, HR, and trainings for the magazine "Trener i Zarządzanie" (Choach and Management). He's a business coach and consultant, and since 2010 he's been the owner of the training-consulting company Progress Partner.


We guarantee:

  • comprehensive, original training programme aiming at developing skills of salary management in an organisation
  • small group enhancing the effectiveness of learning
  • telephone and e-mail help and advice concerning the issues related to the topic of the workshop, for 3 months after completion of the course
  • individual certificate
  • educational material
  • lunch and coffee breaks


We offer also our help with finding a convenient accommodation.


Date: 20th-21st of March 2014
Place: Warsaw
Price: 1090 PLN
(if you register before 5.03 - 950 PLN)

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